The benefits of granite countertops


Let’s see what are the main benefits of granite countertops.

For the last 20 years granite countertops became more and more popular among US homeowners. More builders added the stone as a kitchen standard, while those renovating their properties also turned to granite as a prime material.  Not only does the long-lasting material make a good investment, but it also adds unique beauty to any design
With nearly 3000 colors available granite will make a statement in everyone’s kitchen. Because is extracted from quarries, each granite slab, has it’s very own unique pattern. There are no two slabs alike. The majestic look of granite countertops will change the look of your kitchen and also raise the value of your home.


Price-wise, granite is more expensive than formica but less expensive than quartz. So why would someone ever buy quartz countertops? Well that is because granite, has it’s own patterns made by mother earth. Some patterns are more plain but slabs with color movements and waves might experience pretty wild designs. While lighter colors like white granite used to be the fashionable choice for darker cabinets or all-white kitchens, designs are going darker and more dramatic with the use of black granite and other inky tones and textures.

Quartz surfaces were created to offer customers the option for more plain colors , without patterns or swirls . The advanced manufacturing processes used to make quartz countertops create a poreless surface that is virtually impenetrable to bacteria, fungi, and viruses

When shopping for granite countertops make sure you see the whole slab before you give your contractor the “ok” to start cutting.

Granite is a natural stone and like many other stones, will be porous. This means will absorb liquids, stain and harbor bacteria if it’s not properly sealed. Use a high quality sealer if you want your granite countertops to have a long healthy life.

Installing granite countertops is not a diy job. Granite is a strong material but improperly installed will most likely crack or break. Be smart and invest in a pair of professional fabricators and installers.

According to a survey conducted by Houzz, granite countertops can last 30 years or more, sometimes even more than a marriage!

So let’s review what option sounds better.

a. Is it worth to invest in professional service who takes care of the project from beginning to the end.

b. Gamble a little bit with your thousands of dollars and just install it and seal it yourself (what can go wrong?) and cross your fingers to hold.

Well when we put it this way the first option will, most likely, be your pick.

After the job is done just enjoy the benefits of your granite countertops.

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